Kik Messenger Download Procedure

As you all know kik messenger is one the famous messenger trending these days as now the trend is about messaging more than calling, it is more faster, cheaper and innovative in many ways.
It has a variety of features which you can use while messaging your friends, family and loved ones.
It has tons of Gif's options and stickers option , sketch option to have fun with and the Meme's as well. You will never get bored while chating on Kik as it's lot of fun frankly.
It even made a record of One Million User registrations within 15 days of it's launch according to    Wikipedia.
Now many of the people know how to install it and use it, but on the other side there are many people as well who does not know how to install it and use it as they are not so techy person who know's much deeo about it.
So today here we will show you how to download Kik Messenger on the most used platforms, It is easy and don't worry we will direct head to the point without wasting your point, and also a step by step tutorial for you to understand it easy and do it without confusion.
So here we will show you how you can download Kik Messenger on your android phone,apple phone,windows phone and on windows pc.

Android Phone-

Let me tell you it is very easy to download but the only thing we need is a guide as i said not all the people are techy and even though it is very simple many people find it hard to understand it(happened with me the first time too)
  1. First go to Menu
  2. Then locate the Play store
  3. Open it
  4. Then Sign in with your google account if have not signed it yet
  5. Click on search bar
  6. Search for Kik Messenger
  7. Click on it
  8. Click on install
  9. Let it finish downloading
  10. After it gets done open it
  11. And then sign up with your number
  12. And you are ready to use it.

Apple Phones-

  1. Since there is no menu option and everything is directly on homepage itself,
  2. Locate the playstore
  3. Click on search
  4. Search for Kik Messenger
  5. Click on Kik Messenger
  6. Install it
  7. If it is asking to enter your apple id password then re enter it
  8. It will get installed on your homepage
  9. Then Click on it and sign up and you are ready to use.

Windows Pc(On Your Computer Or Laptop)-

Well many users are asking when will it get released for computer as many users wants to use it on their computer and Kik have officially said they will release it's PC version but when no body knows.
But here we will show you how you can install in on your computer with the help of android emulator easily.
Android emulator is a emulator which allows you to download and use any android applications you want in it as same as any other android phone.
One of the best android emulator in the market is BLUESTACKS, it runs very fast and now supports every android feature.
Click here to download Bluestacks.
  1. Download bluestacks from the above link
  2. Click on it and insall it
  3. After it get's installed open it
  4. As it is for the first time it will take some time to open it,till then it will initialize everything and make things ready for use
  5. After it get's open minimize it for a minute
  6. Download Kik Messenger From Here
  7. And locate it's APK file and click on it and it will get installed automatically in bluestacks
  8. And then you will be able to see Kik Messenger in Bluestacks 
  9. And open it and sign up with your number
  10. And you are ready to use it.
That's all for now,thank you and keep visiting.